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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Mercury!

We're a multilingual Free Company and are capable of speaking all of the mostly common languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German). We've been around since FFXI days as a very hardcore endgame linkshell. However with FFXIV, things have changed and you no longer need to spend days camping an HNM just to get it. However there is still plenty of team work content that must be passed with a skilled team of players. We try our best to clear the latest content available but we never put it before helping our members. We work as a team and we all consider ourselves to be one big Family and Family always comes first. If you are looking for a Free Company that gets stuff done while having fun, then please feel free to apply.

However if you are looking for a group just to get loot and not helping others in the FC, then we have no room for you. We all want gear but there is no point in it if you aren't helping your team members advance with you.

So if you're interested in joining Mercury please provide the following information as you fill out the form.

Please read the rules first before you create your application:

FC rules:

1. Mercury should be your only active endgame Free Company (Social Linkshells (LS) are acceptable) and therefore no volunteering with other FC/LS if there's a Mercury event happening at the same time.

1.1 Helping out friends of other LS during your freetime is up to you but when FC events happen please help.

2. We'll be watching over attendance and contribution within the FC and will remove inactive people/ inappropriate behavior from the FC.

3. New members will have a 2 weeks' trial period during which they will will have to attend to events as they can make them though missing too many events will result in a removal from the FC.

4. Mumble is a must for events. You do not have to talk, just listen to strategies or instructions will do.

5. Loot will be distributed as needed in the teams of coil formed. Main jobs played in coil will get priority then if the mains do no need it then it will be distributed accordingly to whomever plays the job.

6. Events should be done with Mercury members only. Should the situation arise that we do not have enough members online who can participate for the event, close friends can be invited. Yet those friends have to make room for Mercury members upon their login. Items dropped will only be distributed to Mercury members. Non-Mercury members will not be allowed to get loot.

We're currently looking for people from the following timezones:
1. Asia (Oceanic areas included) (playtime between 6pm jst - 2am jst)
2. America (playtime between 5pm pst - 11pm pst)
3. America (playtime between 10am pst - 5pm pst)
4. Europe (playtime between 5pm gmt -11pm gmt)

Currently closed Timezones for recruitment:

Thank you! :)

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